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The NousTalk Student Counselling Network

The NousTalk Student Counselling Network helps post secondary students to connect with qualified mental health experts via NousTalk’s secure, compliant online video counselling platform to help you get help when you need it most.



We are professionally trained in a number of areas of expertise to help students through personal transitions and adjustments associated with college life. We are dedicated to helping students with any problem or concern that may require professional psychological assistance.

Common Reasons Students Seek Care

Stress & Anxiety

Adjustment Challenges

Depression & Loneliness

Questions About Identity

Trauma & Grief

Managing Existing Mental Health Conditions

Relationship Difficulties

Time Management

Professional Mental Health Counselling For Post Secondary Students

Qualified Mental Health Professionals

Caring & Compassionate

Private & Confidential

Experienced Student Mental Health Counselling

Our clinicians understand the stigma attached to the act of seeking out and visiting a mental health professional on or off campus. That’s why we’re leveraging a private, secure and compliant online video platform to help erase that stigma and make mental health resources more widely accessible within the student community from the privacy and comfort of your own home, dorm or apartment.

NousTalk has partnered with qualified mental health clinicians with experience and understanding of student life and it’s challenges.

If you are a college or university undergraduate or graduate student, you would most likely qualify through your student or student union healthcare plan. Your plan typically covers counselling sessions with registered psychologists or mental health counsellors. If your student benefit plan does not cover mental health counselling, you still have options. Let’s talk.

Accessible From Anywhere, Anytime

Interoperable On All Devices & Browsers

Super Easy To Use

Secure Online Access

Choice, Flexibility and Convenience

Can I connect with my counselor from my smartphone ?

Yes. You can connect with your counselor from anywhere, anytime and from any mobile device (iPhone or Android), laptop or desktop (Mac or PC) using most browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.) All you really need is a reasonably good internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone. We also recommend using ear buds for extra privacy.

How do I know if I have mental health insurance coverage through my college or university benefits plan ?

Most students have some mental health benefits coverage through your student union benefit plans. You usually pay for these benefits when you pay your tuition fees each semester. Not all benefit coverage is the same from one college or university to the other. Each college or university can have very different plans. During your first online counselling session, your counsellor will review your college or university mental health coverage, the credentials/qualifications required from your counsellor to be eligible for coverage and how to make claims and be reimbursed. If you do not have coverage, your counsellor will review all your options.

Can I choose my own mental health professional?

Yes.  Whether you have insurance coverage under your current student health benefit plan, have external health insurance coverage or are paying out of pocket, you can choose your own care professional or the modality – Online or In-Person. During your first online consultation, your counsellor will review your options.

I have classes during the day. Are clinicians available evenings and weekends?

Yes. Most clinicians are available evenings and weekends.

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How To Get Started

It’s easy, quick and private.

  1. Schedule your free introductory online counselling session
  2. A counsellor will contact you within a few hours
  3. Your counsellor will send you an online meeting invitation with a secure encrypted link to join your free introductory online session.
  4. At the end of your session, you and your counsellor will determine next steps.
  5. If you feel comfortable working with your counsellor, your counsellor will have you set up your secure client portal to begin using your counsellor’s online calendar to schedule future online sessions. Your portal will have  secure scheduling, calendar, credit card payment and notetaking for managing your progress.
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Still need a little more convincing before taking the next step. Listen to a moving Ted Talk by Dr. Weiyang Xie.

Inspired ? Then take the next step and reach out get help and support from a trained mental health professional who has expertise helping students like you through personal transitions and adjustments associated with college/university life.


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