Nous – Greek philosophy meaning “mind”, “reason” or “intellect”.


NousTalk is helping make mental and behavioral health care more accessible.

NousTalk is a secure HIPAA and PHIPA compliant online therapy platform bringing therapists and clients together anytime anywhere via a simple, secure, encrypted live online audio video connection.

The Challenge

It is a struggle for mental health clients to have to take time out of their busy schedules to make an appointment and travel to a therapist’s office for a consultation, and to do so regularly to adhere to their treatment plans can be difficult. Additionally, the very nature of mental health’s ebbs and flows, whereby life’s challenges can impact individuals cyclically and unexpectedly. Resuming care or seeking care in a timely and efficient manner can also pose significant challenges.

NousTalk provides mental health clinicians a platform of services that fits in with their existing practice and their clients’ busy lives, making it easier for them to deliver quality care while providing their clients access to the care services that they need, wherever and whenever they need them.

An e-Therapy Platform That Scales

Our suite of technology and services ensures successful e-therapy visits from launch to expansion.

Private Practice


Health Systems & Hospitals

University Counselling Services

Treat Your Clients Anytime, Anywhere

With Secure Online Therapy Sessions

Delivering high-quality mental and behavioral health care should be simple and convenient, for you and your clients.

NousTalk lets you connect with your clients over secure online video, no matter the place.

Spend less time scheduling and rescheduling appointments. Better manage cancellations. Automate many of the non-clinical tasks of running your practice.

Improve client care plan adherence, client engagement and outcomes. Have happier clients who love seeing you without leaving home and stick to their appointment schedule.

With NousTalk you will increase your accessibly and reach, acquire new clients and improve care with your own white‑labeled e-Therapy platform.  With our web and mobile apps, connecting with your clients online has never been easier.

NousTalk Online Therapy
NousTalk Online Therapy Platform

Online Therapy

Secure, Encrypted, Private Therapy

Make it easy for your clients to get help when they need it.

No Stigma

Easy Online Scheduling For Your Clients

Automated e-mail confirmations and notifications make scheduling and re-scheduling appointments easy. Reduce the number of forgotten or missed appointments by automatically emailing patients helpful reminders.

Sync online appointments with your practice calendar

PHIPA & HIPAA Compliant

Encrypted Connection

Online Payments

Private & Confidential

Note Taking

Online Calendar and Scheduling


Integration and Sync with Desktop Practice Calendar

No Stigma Online Therapy

No Stigma Online Therapy

Private, Secure, Convenient
Find a Therapist

Find a Therapist

Search for an approved licensed therapist.
Mobility & Flexibility

Mobility & Flexibility

Secure online therapy from all your devices.
Care when you need it

Care when you need it

Accessibility and convenience.

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